Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laney's 5th B-day Party!

Chris, Tori, & I went to Lizella for Laney's 5th Birthday Party on Saturday!  It was so much fun getting to see all the kids playing together!  They always have such a GREAT time!!!  

Laney's AWESOME gift...A GOAT!!!  LOL  She was so excited!!!

 Toribug checkin' out the goat...she thought that was pretty neat!

 Lily & Jerry enjoying some goodies!
 Laney's Cool B-day Sign on the chalkboard wall and the cute cake her mommy made her!  Great job Tiff!!!  It was delicious too!!!

 She got some really cool presents!!!  Tori was trying REALLY hard to "help" her open the presents....Laney wasn't too keen on the idea of Toribug helping her!  LOL

 We also got to see Addie Claire and Aunt Amber while we were there!!! :-)
 Toribug stopping to "cheese" for the camera!
 Lily-pad and her dirty little face...she was have SUCH a GOOD TIME!!!  :-)
 Thomas "CHEESIN" as always!!!
 Laney-bug....the Birthday girl stopping for just a sec to Smile for Aunt Misty!  :-)
 Caleb playing w/ Uncle Chris!
 Hard to believe this sweet girl is 5 YEARS OLD!!!

The girls had a blast playing ball and riding on all the toys!!!

Our Little Ballerina!!!

Our little ballerina on her way to have pics made!  Her dance recital is May 19th @ 5:00!!!  


Jesse is playing 14U Fastpitch this year.  She always does a great job and she is playing 3rd base.  Jordan chose to play travel ball instead of Rec ball, but we have not been able to find her a local team to play with yet!  
 This is Toribug's 1st year playing T-ball!  The team is ALL 3 YEAR OLDS!!!  Chris and I have DEFINITELY had our hands full coaching these little angels!  :-)
 What an AWESOME 1st Baseman!!!  LOL

 Toribug's 1st time at bat!

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